Bipolar Depression

Bipolar depression is a chronic episodic illness that is associated with behavioral fluctuations. This depression is a type of brain disorder whose key features are depression and severe mania. The patient usually experiences mood swings that range from being high and irritable to sad and hopeless and getting back to normal in between. Check out the bipolar depression link.

The person suffering from bipolar disorder may not necessarily understand the feelings of their depression. There is some trigger or situation that led to or caused their depression which is mostly something that is stressful. Sometimes, it is not anything that is easily identifiable than the person's feelings. If you ask some people they are feeling depressed; they are unable to give a direct explanation for their state of mind. They will just say that they are feeling overwhelmed or that there is nothing. Many people with this condition do not even understand the causal factor to their depression.

Some people with bipolar depression want to sleep more because they feel more tired and have less energy than they usually do. There are others who will sleep less, but they still feel irritable, restless, and anxious.

Other symptoms of bipolar depression include losing interest in things that used to interest the person, reduced sex drive, and low productivity. Many will stop taking care of themselves as they did before. Depression interferes with their daily activities to such a level that grooming becomes less important to them. This can lead to isolation which is another common symptom of bipolar disorder. Get ready to 
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Isolation is reasonable for people with bipolar depression. They hardly want to be around other people including their family and friends. Some feel embarrasses, as they do not want other people to see them in this depressed state especially if they have stopped grooming. Some people become apathetic and do not have the emotional or physical strength to host other people, or some are too depressed and want to be left alone.

People in bipolar depression have poor concentration. The simplest of things are affected by the inability to focus. Sometimes it becomes hard to even to read a book. Finishing anything becomes frustrating and otherwise simple tasks like feeding a thread through the eye of the needle become daunting tasks. Learn more about Bipolar Depression , follow the link.

The worst part about this disorder is the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that can leave a person with suicidal thoughts. They may even try to take their lives. At this time, they may not even realize that such that thoughts are not theirs but are only a part of the depression. However, there is hope for people with bipolar disorders who go through the mood swing of bipolar depression. With the right medication and therapy, all symptoms of bipolar depression can be overcome.